What’s Next for Our Apartment

    Yesterday I finished restructuring my Pinterest because I found myself constantly rummaging through boards trying to find ideas I’d previously saved for our Apartment. As resuming renovations, I wanted a place where all my ideas for our home were collected in one space, which is why My Apartment board now exists! On there you will find a collection of ideas for the rooms/spaces we want to work on, in addition to getting down to the nitty gritty with detailing; wall colors, hardware, and objects of desire.

    I think aside from having things more organized, I am particularly excited about showcasing wishlist items. Having this space allows me to make sure the new additions fit the current vibe of our home. I’ve been known to have a few knee-jerk purchases so this is perfect for thoughtfully curating our space, here’s what I mean:



    In Our Home

    On The Wishlist:

    As you can see I am opting for soft neutrals balanced with sophisticated and sleek items, and this is a theme I hope to echo in our apartment; comfortable soft furnishings, wood, glass, white, black, and gold. Anything that doesn’t align with my goals is plucked out and kept elsewhere for safe keeping. The reason why I have a board for safekeeping is that they’re easy to reference back to and if I don’t revisit the board for it in a month or two then I know I don’t need it and can live without it.

    So if you have Pinterest, you can follow along for updates, or if you’re browsing the Blog you’ll find I have added in a new section entitled Apartment Shop under Interior. This will also showcase items in our home, or on the apartment wishlist. I super excited to start sharing the updates with you over the coming months. You will probably see me posing more decor questions to you via Polls on the Insta Stories. I want to see what you guys think of colors, items, ideas etc!

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    February 3, 2018