What Makes a Perfect Weekend

    When I think back to what makes a perfect weekend I reminisce about on some of my favorite activities in London. I really did enjoy the London lifestyle and was fortunate enough to have friends who showed me some amazing things about the city, which I am going to share with you!

    Typically in London, my ideal weekend would start off with a quick bike ride to our local brunch spot Caravan. They served some truly scrumptious dishes, but I would always get the cornbread french toast with avocado and bacon. After brunch, we would take a stroll down the canal where you could either end up at Broadway Market, meet friends at London Fields or experience the hustle and bustle of Brick Lane; packed full of quirky pop-ups, interesting people and amazing food. Not to mention Colombia Road Flower Market is close by, beautiful flowers for a “fiver”.

    The possibilities in London were endless, an afternoon at an open top cinema, new art galleries, restaurants and quirky parts of town stuffed into streets yet to be explored. You could skip around the London via tubes, bikes, on foot or by the classic red busses. I used to LOVE getting the bus over the Waterloo bridge, and visiting the famous Borough Market in Southbank – which is a must do when you’re in London and a perfect way to view some historical landmarks.

    Evenings in London were colorful and full of life, you only had to open up Timeout to see what was happening or what restaurants were trending. My perfect Saturday night would be in East London with friends, and a Sunday night spent at one of the beautiful old pubs serving your traditional Roast Dinner. Writing this now makes me feel homesick! But, when I think back to this weekend and other memorable weekends, they’ve all involved the following things, which I think are key to a perfect weekend.

    The Shortlist

    A posh coffee!
    Brunch with loved ones, either at your favorite spot or in a new part of town.
    Fresh Flowers for the house, time to re-stock that empty vase!
    Picturesque Walks whether that be strolling through town, walking along a beach, canal or even taking a hike.
    Nostalgia plays your favorite song on a vinal or purchase something like this * to keep memories close and dear.
    Evening Drinks with friends to blow off some steam after a long work week.
    Sunfilled Hangs observing nature and taking some time to relax.
    Art in whatever form.
    Culture exploring something different from the norm.

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    January 27, 2018