I Interview My Boyfriend for Valentines Day

    We decided to move our Valentine’s Day to last weekend once we saw it fell on a weekday. I’m glad we did because it meant that we took advantage of the sunny bank holiday weekend. Family Day initially took us by surprise so we weren’t able to plan a quick getaway to Seattle but as our alternative, we decided to spend a day in Vancouver like tourists. The rule was to go to only new places.


    “When I first met you, I honestly didn’t know how important you would be to me”


    Who said “I love you” first?
    PRE: Gen did, she was surprised… but mind you it was only 3 weeks in.

    “And in the middle
    of my chaos,
    there was you”

    What is the first thing that I do in the morning?
    PRE: Put your pj’s on.
    VIEVE: Make a growling dinosaurs sound and stretch onto my side,
    but before all of that, you tell me you love me.
    PRE: Ok, that’s enough! [laughs]

    Where was our first trip together?
    PRE: Portland for the Easter weekend.


    What am I deathly afraid of?
    VIEVE: SHARKS, and only SHARKS!!
    PRE: When an airplane goes into turbulence.

    What drink do I always order?
    PRE: A Whisky Sour, or Rose.
    VIEVE: An Old Fashion, or something boring like a Vodka Soda.

    What’s my favorite type of junk food?
    PRE: Well… [laughs] let’s not consider Sushi as junk food. I would say Pizza or Fried Chicken.
    VIEVE: I’d say yours is Burgers!

    Which sport do I like the most?
    PRE: Oh, that’s easy… Ice Hockey.
    VIEVE: Is there a sport you don’t like… oh, you don’t like watching curling, I learned that yesterday.

    I’m ordering a pizza. What toppings does it have?
    VIEVE: Meat and some kind of other meat, vegetables are secondary.
    PRE: You would go for that silly Hawaiian one! Jamaican, always wants that tropical food on her pizza.

    Which food do I like/hate?
    PRE: She likes chocolate, especially on the 5 – 6 days per month. Strawberries.
    VIEVE: We just had that!
    PRE: So!  Fried Chicken! She gets so excited when it comes out. Is there anything you don’t like eating? I’ve seen you eat everything…
    VIEVE: Mushrooms?
    PRE: Yeah! I’ve never seen you eat those!
    VIEVE: They just look gross…



    Who usually wins our arguments?
    We don’t have arguments

    If I was an animal, which one would I be?
    PRE: A Chipmunk looking Deer
    VIEVE: A very cool Lion!


    I thought I broke my jeans from jumping around!

    What am I really bad at?
    PRE: Not knowing stuff.
    If there’s something I want to surprise you with then you want to know.
    Hmmmm.. conventional crunches, I’ve not seen you do one!
    Eating chickpeas, and closing lids!
    I picked up the coconut oil and it almost fell out of my hand when I lifted it up.

    VIEVE: Hmm, you’re really bad at, knowing where things are in your own house…
    “Where is this? Where is that?” Now I know what you’re looking before you ask for it!


    “You are the person
    I’ll never stop looking for
    in a crowded place.”


    I’m sitting in front of the TV. What’s on the screen?
    PRE: When I’m not home and I get in, Gen’s watching Joe Rogan. Otherwise Netflix and trash on Netflix.. not paying attention to the TV at all, on her laptop doing blog stuff.
    VIEVE: Well, for you… NHL, or anything sports related.

    What did you learn from me?
    PRE: To knit, improved my laundry skills, fashion stuff.
    VIEVE: I’m wildly unimpressed at this point. You’ve taught me that it’s OK for things to take time, and it’s OK to say how you feel.
    PRE: What about bicep curls?

    What’s my weirdest habit?
    PRE: One? The lids, and scratching your face.
    VIEVE: Maybe the number of times, you floss your teeth, and use instruments to get in between your teeth… He steals toothpicks for restaurants and there’s even some he found in his car. Every time I turn around this guy is flossing his teeth.

    I won $1,000. What will I spend it on?
    VIEVE: Probably some sort of investment to make more money. 
    PRE: A trip or a weekend getaway.

    What am I good at?
    PRE: You’re good at cuddles, always excited to see me. You’re good at making eggs now. Good massages… good at being neat and tidy, handy lady for putting electrical, except the one time you blew me up, and creative with DIY house stuff.
    VIEVE: You’re really good at sports, finances, being ‘sporty’, making protein pancakes and treats and parking… there’s quite a lot you’re good at. 


    Happy Valentines Day!

    February 14, 2018