My January Detox

    I am feeling refreshed from completing my 3 day juice cleanse and looking forward to a continued week of detoxing with healthy and fresh foods. I’m planning on keeping up with my morning workout everyday with a few new pieces from THIS post to wear at the gym. As I sip my morning smoothie, I thought I would start the week by sharing some things I aim to do to stay on track with my January Detox, a month dedicated to health, fitness and wellbeing.

    Health: It’s taken me a while to realize that I preform better with guidelines. I loved THIS ARTICAL from Goop because it’s a very simple plan to follow. They note that detoxing can be a challenge with cutting out all of the naughty treats we’ve succumbed to over the Christmas holidays, but getting through the month healthy will hopefully result in a continued healthy lifestyle, after all, they say it takes 30 days to form a habit! See more of their recipes saved to THIS BOARD, with a special section dedicated to detox meals.

    Fitness:Β The benefits of exercise are endless, although I am a regular gym goer, I would like to take my fitness to the next level this year. I’d love to go on more hikes exploring BC, in addition to getting back on the slopes and doing activities that are challenging whatever they may be.

    Wellbeing:Β For me it’s all about doing things that spark joy and happiness, but also it’s important to get your mind in a healthy place. I remember reading THIS ARTICLE last year, and I’m so happy I found it because a healthy mind is just as important as a fit and healthy body.

    If you have any wellness / detox tips, please share in the comments below!

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    January 8, 2018