Loving My New Website Design

    A few months ago I asked a group of friends to give me feedback on my blog, and it helped immensely but I quickly realised that the overall design was limiting me in addressing some of the bigger notes.

    Last week I contacted a few design studios and the prices weren’t too dissimilar from buying a theme. The only downfall would be having to pay additional costs to change or alter the site. Having worked on my blog for nearly a year I felt like maintaining it was something I would miss, so, I decided to keep doing it myself and it’s taken over a week to update.

    What’s New:

    01. Aside from the overall look, one of the biggest changes would be the category tabs. I am now using them as landing pages that introduce each section. I wanted to do this so that I could explain what you might find inside. I realize some people may have more interest in fashion or interior so I hope this makes browsing a lot easier.

    02. I also removed around 30 posts which sounds sad, but I want to start packing my posts full of ideas, inspiration, photos and things I am loving. I feel like at the beginning of the year I just wanted to share things quickly but, that left my posts feeling like short Instagram stories, and slightly impersonal.

    What’s Next:

    I think during this whole process I have realized that it’s OK to go slow and make mistakes because I have learnt so much in the process. I think back to what my blog used to be, and see how much it’s evolved and I feel really happy that I decided to just go for it with a little nudge of encouragement.

    I started a private blog along with my Polyvore account 5 years ago. It was just something I enjoyed doing because every year my Mum would buy me a diary for Christmas and I had missed writing in my adult life so blogging was my outlet, even if it was only private.

    Going forwards, I am just going to keep pretending like I’m talking to my friends and stop worrying about negative criticism I might come across. Hello friends! I will also figure out a regular posting schedule to work around my full time job, since I love Sunday I am leaning towards posting once a week on a Sunday, but we shall see!

    This feels like a new chapter, and I am so grateful for everyone’s thoughts and ideas because it’s led me to a design that I am truly happy with. If you find any problems or think there are ways it can be better I would love to hear it.

    Please leave comments below or you can send me a message using the contact form:

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    I would love to hear any feedback you have, whether it's in the comments section above or sent privately to me! x