Interior Update : Dining Room

    I’m so happy to share that we finally have our dining area set up. After much deliberation on chairs we finally decided to go with these beautiful wishbone chairs, we were worried that they wouldn’t be comfortable enough, but thankfully they are.

    The table came from a Vancouver based company, and although there were plenty of other options we wanted something that would work well in our space. It came down to style, size, and functionality, and what I love about this table is the ability to fold down the sides. I was also set on having a round, white table to help brighten up the room, and also add an element of softness and ease to our space.

    Dining Area

    Dining Table | similar here
    Wishbone Chairs | similar here, here and here
    Rug |  similar here and here

    I am absolutely in love with my new candle from Byredo, I had seen them in Nordstrom and knew I wanted to switch things up from my usual go-to Diptque. This candle smells refreshing yet calming, and it suits our space so well. I’m all for creating a cozy and peaceful home, and this really helps to achieve that. I also picked up a new fragrance from Jo Malone and have been absolutely loving it. Smelling of roses always reminds me of my Nan, she always has a beautiful garden so I feel like I’m reminded of home and family when I wear this.

    Tabletop Items

    Perfume | JO MALONE
    Candle |Byredo
    Candlestick | AMAZON


    I’ve also come to the realization that Mom jeans are probably the most comfortable form of jeans you can own/wear. I love jeans that come a little bit higher, and Mango, in my opinion, has the best, affordable jeans second to Zara. If you’re on the hunt for new jeans I would recommend checking them out. Also, if you’re in Canada then shipping is fast and free if you’re spending over $50!

    Outfit Details:

    Jackets | TOPSHOP
    Jeans | similar here, and here

    Can’t wait to share more home updates with you!

    December 10, 2017