Interior Update : Bathroom

    When I moved into my last apartment I made the mistake of buying everything before I moved in, because honestly, I didn’t really have much so I needed to. This time around it’s so much better to wait and add slowly. It allows you to reasses and balance out the room. I still have a lot to learn about interior design but I am enjoying the process and I love sharing my updates on here with you.

    A work in progress


    Before moving in, our bathroom walls and ceiling were painted in a creamy eggshell colour. The first thing we wanted to do was add a fresh coat of white paint. I’m happy we did that because the paint alone makes such a difference.



    Here is the shower curtain finally installed! I would like to add more permanent towel rails next. What you see here is my DIY / temporary towel hooks solution, curtesy of the Command (damage free) hooks! Command strips are my goto when it comes to hanging pictures as well.

    I started by hooking up one side of the curtain to the rail. I have done so many DIYs before to know that it’s really important to check what you’re doing first. This seems pretty obvious… but trust me, little annoying things can happen along the way. For me, I did foresee myself missing a hole or putting the whole thing on back to front. So I wanted to plan ahead and check, which is why I took the following steps:

    Attach the first and last hooks to the rail

    Then start filling in the gaps.

    Space everything out for OCD tendencies


    I am pretty happy with this shower curtain! I love how calm and comforting it looks and I can’t wait to complete the bathroom. Again, it’s a work in progress and unlike before I am finding more success in doing things slowly. I am learning and improving after all, and I don’t want to waste money on things that look lovely in the store, but don’t work in the room or apartment.

    Next up….

    At the moment we have this section painted white with an old mirror leaning against the wall. I wanted to get a gold circle mirror, and I have no idea how it’s going to look. I spoke to one of my interior designer friends and she told me that it’s OK to mix and match metals, and that the gold could act more as an accent piece.

    I did install a black light here, which I might need to change to something gold, but we shall see!

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    November 9, 2017