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    Interior Tips × January 27, 2018 Statement Lamps Under $130 I remember when it came to buying lamps I felt like I’d struck gold when I came across this on the Target website, I was in heaven! I know this might seem crazy to a lot of you but if you’re someone w... READ MORE Interior Tips × November 21, 2017 Beautiful Tabletop Additions to Try This Season There is something about dining tables that I love, or more so the act of gathering around a table after a long day to relax, laugh and enjoy the company of friends and family. For as long as I ca... READ MORE Interior Tips × October 22, 2017 A Few Tips on Refreshing Your Home You might have noticed that my posts have become less frequent, and that's because we have moved apartment and started a new job. My free time is mostly spent running errands or furniture hunting. Tod... READ MORE Interior Tips × October 21, 2017 Introducing a Guide to Bedding I don't know about you but comfortable bedding is something I don't mind spending a bit more on. I got my first job at 13 years old, and was so excited to start working at one of the most famous choco... READ MORE Interior Tips × June 14, 2017 Cook up a Storm with These Cookbooks For the longest time I have always wanted to be good at cooking, but I feel like I have never had the time. In an effort to become more motivated I purchased a few of these books below from Amazon, an... READ MORE Interior Tips × June 12, 2017 A Few of My Favorite Coffee Table Books I love having books in the apartment, for me it feels almost nostalgic which is sad. Books seem to be dying out with things like Kindles these days, but I love to have coffee table books at the very l... READ MORE Interior Tips × June 9, 2017 6 Tasks To Stop Putting Off This Weekend During a busy work week the last thing you want to do is deal with things that build up. If you set aside a few hours one morning you can tackle through so much. Doing these things on a regular basis ... READ MORE Interior Tips × June 8, 2017 Decorating : Where to Begin When you're decorating a space or starting from scratch it can be pretty overwhelming. There are so many beautiful apartments out there and I'm pretty sure I'd happily live in a Parisian apartment or ... READ MORE Interior Tips × January 14, 2017 How To Declutter When I read through this article by Apartment Therapy, I realized that none of these applied to me anymore because I'd already gone though this process. If you know you're in dire need for a clear out... READ MORE Interior Tips × January 2, 2017 How to Furnish on a Budget Furnishing a new apartment on a small budget is a slow process, but you will learn to embrace the joy found in the smallest details or the items / improvements you pick up along the way. As you furnis... READ MORE