Decorating : Where to Begin

    When you’re decorating a space or starting from scratch it can be pretty overwhelming. There are so many beautiful apartments out there and I’m pretty sure I’d happily live in a Parisian apartment or NYC Loft with no complaints. A few days ago I took a step back after feeling so hung up on what I could do to improve my place with the budget I had. And, also on a bit of a side note, I feel like I am still going through this strange transitional period where I am out growing myself – and certainly in a state of flux with what I want to wear and how I want to decorate my apartment. So with this little state of confusion I think it’s best that I really find and explore the right things for my apartment, without making any rash decisions. I’m going to take my time to look at different options and share them with you on here.

    Here are a few steps I’ve taken to help me narrow down my redesign, and a few questions I asked myself below.

    I think I struggled with this one the most because I love so many things. You can check out my main board here on Pinterest. By creating your own Pinterest board on things you like, you’ll soon see a common theme, which brings me to my next point.

    Do you have a love for marble like me? Maybe minimal designs, the color green or blue? Try to identify what items are grabbing your attention and use those pieces, colors, textures as a base for your design. Don’t go too overboard as you want to have a theme running thought your home.

    By figuring out your colour pallet, it also helps in achieving a coherent scheme. If you know you like neutrals with woods, and gold detailing then you can tailor all of your purchases. Ask yourself, does this suit / will this work in my colour scheme?

    Figure out how much you can spend. Are you able to decorate your place all at once, or do you need to pick one room at a time?

    Jot down what you already own and decide whether that piece can stay in your new home. Make a list of everything you want to keep, sell or donate—with plans for each. For example, I would like a new Coffee Table, TV Unit and Rug in my living room. All three items are up on Craigslist to be sold. If I sell all of those items then I can put that back into my Living Room budget.

    Once you’ve completed your inventory you’ll have a clear idea of what you need and where you need it. The challenging part is assigning dollar figures to those items. I would advise using a spreadsheet which calculates your total budget at the bottom. Remember to add a 15-20% buffer for unplanned expenses like shipping, taxes etc.

    Whether you hand draw it and sketch where you’d like things or use an application like LucidChart. Planning it out allows you to swap, move, flip furniture around without the physical labor. You’ll also be able to see empty spaces that can be filled with plants, light etc.

    Once you have a furniture plan, use the same floor plan to map out your lighting. Consider all sources of light: pendants, table or floor lamps. The usual place to add lighting would be near armchairs, sofas and table lamps on either side tables or TV consoles.  At the very least, every room should have three sources of lighting at eye level, and supposedly positioned around the room in a triangular shape.

    Chances are that during your furniture search, you came across items you absolutely loved but that didn’t fit your budget, but that doesn’t mean you should disregard them off forever. Keep these pieces bookmarked, as maybe you can purchase them later on or splurge if it’s worth it. After all, one investment piece can elevate the furniture of a whole room.  If you do decided to splurge then make sure it’s a unique statement. Here’s a short list of splurge-worthy items : a statement Coffee Table, TV Unit or Bed Frame. When it comes to small items like tea towels, wine stoppers and general household accessories, keeping them elegant adds the perfect finishing touches.

    Lastly, adding accessories in your space will create layers that will make it feel lived in. Remember if you’re working from large to small then it’s easier to add these finishing touches. Consider art for the walls, pictures,  baskets, trays, books, coasters or anything else that might enhance your space.

    Now time to shop! Starting with the biggest items first, as it’s easier to place small items afterwards.  If you go over your budget, try making substitutions elsewhere so you stay on track. If you’re not in a rush to ‘accessorise’  then keep an eye on your West Elm or CB2 baskets and wait for a sale, otherwise you could visit a local thrift store or shop around for similar pieces. Don’t forget to measure everything before you order! You don’t want to be stuck with a coffee table too big, or a TV unit too small! One thing I did when I bought my desk was to position a blanket down in the same dimensions. That way I could make sure it wasn’t going to be too big or overwhelming for the space.

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    Are there any tips you have with re-decorating?

    June 8, 2017



    This is so beautiful! I’m challenged to take redecorating my apartment seriously

    Thank you! And you should, it’s so fun to see your home develop over time. I love taking before and after photos so I’d recommend you do that to track your progress 🙂 x