Curating Wallet-Friendly Basics | Under $100

    Good morning! I hope you had a lovely long weekend if you’re here in Vancouver! Today feels like Monday heading back to work but I’m going with a spring in my step because the mornings are visibly brighter and the sun is out today, bonus!

    With the spring season on the horizon, I took some time over the weekend to clear out items from my wardrobe that no longer spark joy. It can be hard to do but feels so therapeutic. I plan on going through everything next month in detail to officially decide on their fate; sell, donate or archive. I added an archive option because I want to make sure I don’t find myself reaching back for certain items, but, my end goal is to mindfully curate my wardrobe. From this quick exercise I can already see what items I’m lacking and the areas I need to build on. My wardrobe is no longer full of things that I “might” wear but in turn looks a little sparse!

    If you read my previous post then you know we’re about to go through some home renovations and as I still want to build on my basics it means curating affordable, wallet-friendly pieces. I honestly felt like I struck gold when I came across these beautiful button detailed tops from H&M. The delivery was seamless and living in Canada that’s key because I feel like the online shopping game is nowhere near as efficient as the UK or US!



    After being massively impressed with H&M I went back for another look last night and thought I’d share some more finds with you. One thing I promised myself this year was to add more color to my wardrobe, so I placed an order for this poppy red dress. We have a few events booked and I think I need to build on my statement pieces, so this was a fantastic addition. I’m also thinking of ordering this Sezane inspired blouse, and I’m on the hunt for staple jackets under $100. I bought this denim jacket from H&M but have also been eyeing up suede moto jackets. I think they look cute thrown over a dress in the warm spring/summer evenings.

    Anyway, I better dash out and head to work! Pre and I are going to be working the same hours until my project gets busy! I’m pretty happy about that because it means we can make better use of our evenings whether it be going to the gym or planning an activity with friends!

    I hope you have a lovely day and I’ll be back again tomorrow with a Valentine’s Day interview with Pre!

    February 13, 2018