Are You Ready for Christmas?

    When I was growing up, I always looked forward to Christmas. We would pick up a tree from a local farm, and head to Busy Bee’s gardening center on the Isle of Wight. This place would have a variety of Christmas decorations, but what I loved the most is how quirky they would be. One year we bought fake puffy white doves that sat in the tree, and the next year large gold chandeliers, some of our decorations would be so heavy that the branches would bend down. Each year we would add something interesting to the tree, and the Busy Bee decorations remind me so much of what I recently saw at Antoropology. Their decorations are also really unique in comparison to your standard baubles.

    Now that I am adult-ing and in an apartment of our own, I think it’s time to bring some family traditions that I looked forward to in England over to Canada. We agreed no real tree, and unlike England, we don’t have a big sweeping bay window for a large tree to fit. Nevertheless, I will be picking up a few of these decorations below and incorporating them with a few smaller pieces. I can’t wait until it’s up and decorated!


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    Árvore de Natal simples e linda | Simple Christmas Tree Display

    Brown paper and foliage gift wrap.

    You might have already caught onto the fact that I am a sucker for DIY projects, so I am definitely going to make a few things for our home this year. I also love the idea of making personalized gift tags / cards instead of store bought packaging.

    As this is a Christmas preparation post, one thing I would love to do this season is hold a small dinner party. You can see a few of the items I picked up in the sale here. I would also love to get a bar cart for said dinner parties, but due to over excitement and rushing to furnish our apartment, we have put a hold on furniture buying and renovations until the new year. I am very sad that it wont be making such big leaps, but I think it’s for the best during this Christmas period.

    Check back next Sunday to see our decorations!

    November 27, 2017