A Weekend in Montreal with Audrey Rivet

    Photos via
    {Audrey’s Instagram}

    I’m very happy to share with you a blog series I wanted to start this year. Often times when I go on holiday I do my research on where to go, but after living in London and speaking to people about their experiences there you quickly realize that, unless they’re in the loop, they’ll have no idea where to go. Locals just know their city better than a simple search on Google. I’m going to be asking people who inspire me what it’s like living in their city and see what they get up to on the weekends.

    I am aiming to do 1 a month and I’m very excited to introduce Audrey Rivet for my January Edition! Her Instagram embodies a laid-back style in welcoming blush pink tones and calming neutrals. You’ll see she catalogs noteworthy coffee shops and casual walks though Montreal. What I love about Audrey style is she captures such beautiful moments around her city, so I’m very excited to learn some of her favorite things about her lifestyle in Montreal.

    Name: Audrey Rivet

    Age: 23

    Occupation/job: Freelance graphic designer

    What does a typical day look like?
    Usually, on weekdays, I wake up, open my computer and start working a little bit from my bed. After an hour or two, I get up, take a shower, have a breakfast and then continue working at my desk! It also happens that I visit my clients and work at their offices, if I need to. Once in a while, if I feel courageous, I take the metro and go work in a coffee shop! On weekends, my boyfriend and I try as often as we can to go on little adventures, eat at new restaurants, see friends, take photos and relax 🙂

    Memorable moment that lead you to where you are now:
    My first travel overseas 2 years ago (in Asia). It changed my entire life and I now my vision is completely different. My personal goals are now much simpler and purely based on seeking harmony and happiness.

    Words to live by:
    Always. Be. Kind. – There’s nothing easier than that!

    A perfect weekend looks something like this:
    A warm Saturday night in Lafontaine’s park, having a picnic and drinking wine with friends + Exploring new places with my boyfriend on Sunday!

    Favourite thing about Montreal: Multiculturalism! And also all the cultural activities 🙂

    Soundtrack to Sunday:
    Every single song from Parcels. You’re welcome.

    Where are your favorite places to shop?
    Thrift shops, obviously! 🙂 My favorite is Renaissance (only in Quebec). Their mission is to integrate people into the workforce and to recover goods to conserve the environment.

    Top 3 dinner spots:
    Perles et Paddock, HĂ  and El Rey Del Taco.

    Top 3 brunch spots:
    Larry’s, Boxermans, La Bête à Pain and Foiegwa.

    Perfect places for cocktails with friends:
    Plan B, Suzanne and Colonel Moutarde (if you want to play board games while having a drink and a snack!)

    Noteworthy wine bars:
    Henrietta, Buvette Chez Simone, and Pullman.

    Noteworthy coffee shops:
    Café Ferlucci, Café Larue et Fils (on Castelneau Street + on Jarry Street), Café Sfouf, Hof Kelsten, September Surf Café, Café Parvis, Café Pista, Cafellini.

    Darling views:
    I live near the Olympic Stadium and I can see it from my living room’s window. Personally I love this spot in the city. The Mount Royal belvedere is also a great spot to have a beautiful view on the city center.

    Local tips?
    Be open-minded, curious and don’t forget to have fun!

      Thank you so much Audrey!

    January 14, 2018