A Few Tips on Refreshing Your Home

    You might have noticed that my posts have become less frequent, and that’s because we have moved apartment and started a new job. My free time is mostly spent running errands or furniture hunting. Today’s post is about refreshing your home. Whether you’re moving into a new apartment, updating a rental, or just fancy a change, there will be something in here for you!

    Update your walls

    You can transform your space in just a few days by adding a fresh coat of paint. I love this because it’s relatively inexpensive and makes a huge difference.

    Add a statement wall

    With the rise of renters there are so many quick solutions when it comes to making a statement wall. If you’re unable to make permanent changes then you can try temporary wallpaper solutions from places like Chasing Paper and Urban Walls. Once it comes to moving out, simply peal off your wallpaper and you’re good to go! If you’re allowed to make more permanent changes then you can either paint your statement wall or add wallpaper. Here are a few trend approved colours from Apartment Therapy.


    By simply tidying and organizing yourself you’ll feel like you have more space and clarity in your own home.

    Update your curtains and blinds.

    When we moved in, we had the classic aluminum venetian blinds. They looked old and scraggly, and didn’t really serve a purpose because we had black out blinds as well. It took me 10mins to remove all 8 blinds from 3 windows, so I am sure you can imagine how overcrowded this looked! Going forwards I plan to install black curtain rails and ivory curtains.

    Change your lighting fixtures

    You might not notice them as they’re on the ceiling but boy do they make a difference, not only aesthetically to your space but they can also help set the mood. I love big statement lights because they add an extra touch of personality. You can see our new lighting fixtures here.

    Add lamps and pockets of light

    Lamps and candles are an amazing way to refresh your home. I look at lamps as accessories whereas before I used to see them merely as a source that provided light.

    Install dimmer switches

    I’m yet to install these, but they are on the list. I’ve seen a few videos on YouTube and it looks pretty simple, just make sure you have dimmable bulbs in order for it to work


    Rugs are a great way of refresh your home and you can get more ideas on my Interior Design Tips board for rug styling and placement.


    I am still very much in love with this bedding, but because of the price I’m going to wait to buy them in the sale. I have recently added Parachute to my list because they also have lovely bedding, and they’re more affordable in comparison to Cultiver Goods.

    Artwork + Mirrors

    I think artwork will be one of the last things to go up as well considering it’s so subjective.


    I’ve made my own cushions before, but I think this time I would love to add a few high quality luxe additions to the mix.

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    October 22, 2017