Firstly, thank you so much for visiting my blog. I hope it can be a place for ideas and inspiration for you. I am going to keep this updated weekly with all the things I come across and want to share. If you would like to know about about me, then you can check out my FAQ’s section below.

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        How would you describe your personal style?
        I tend to prefer clean lines and simple colours. When I was living in London I stuck to dressing minimilistic, however, since moving to Canada, I feel like my style has change slightly to add in more whites, creams, caramels throwing off Sunday vibes on a weekday.
        Why did you relocate to Canada from London?
        I ask myself that quite regularly too, but the main reason I moved was for work. Moving would mean that I would have the opportunity to see more of the world that wasn't accessible to me living in London. Nevertheless, I was hesitant about doing a big move by myself, but remember seeing a quote on Pinterest saying "Don't live the same year 75 times and call it life" - that really resonated with me.
        Since living in Canada where have you traveled to?
        New York, Portland, Seattle, LA, San Francisco, New Orleans, Italy, Cuba and Mexico. I can't believe that list, but Canada is such a good base for visiting these locations! I would love to go to Hawaii or Jamaica next.

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