New Home Update

If you read my last blog post then you will probably know that I resigned from my job of 5.5 years and moved apartment. It’s been a lot of change at once so I decided to take a week off to do some small renovations to make our apartment feel more like home.

Paint Update

Before moving in we decided to have someone come in and do a quick paint update. The previous colour was a brown/cream which looked sad and drab. It took 2/3 coats in the end but afterwards it looked so fresh and vibrant. The apartment still looks bare at the moment, but we’re planning on ordering a new sofa along with a dining table and chairs. I’m really hoping there will be some good deals after Thanksgiving!

Changing Lighting Fixtures

If you’re thinking about doing this yourself, make sure you turn OFF your mains. 

Flush Mounts – Hallway Lighting

In a weird way these were the most enjoyable to replace because they already had mounting plates attached to the junction box. I dismantled the old lights pretty quickly, but faced a slight issue when it came to connecting the two sets of wires securely. I didn’t want to just intertwine the wires and leave them exposed. That’s when I learnt about wire nuts. They act as a screw twisting the exposed wires together and the nut alone adds protection against anything else in the junction box. Once everything was connected it was just a case of screwing the lighting fixture onto the mounting plate and voila! 

Track Lighting – Kitchen

When I was at Home Depot I also picked up a new track light. I felt more concerned about doing this one on my own because I didn’t know what was underneath. I’d just replaced lighting fixtures that had one light source, I had no idea what four would look like. When I removed the track lights the wiring looked the same x2, but there was no mounting plate attached to the junction box. After another trip back to Home Depot, I learnt that I needed to add the mounting plate which I didn’t realize because the screws for the mounting plate had been covered by some of the ceiling texture. Once I chiseled that away, I was able to add my mounting plate and do the same process as before of connecting the wires. Since my new light is much smaller than the old one, I will need to go over a bit of the ceiling with popcorn spray paint. This is white spray paint specifically designed to mimic the look the ceiling.

Wall Light – Bathroom

All of the lighting fixtures I replaced threw their own little curve balls at me, but this one puzzled me the most. We initally though that the hole was too big for the light, and I was researching all kinds of options to cover it up. I landed on ceiling medallions, but even with that I would need something secure to attach these heavy lights to. Once I’d gone though the issued of adding a mounting plate to the kitchen light, I realized that this one simply needed a plate as well.

Another issue with this light was that the junction box wires were extremely short and stiff, making it harder to attach the new wires to it. Refusing to admit defeat, I headed back to Home Depot an bought electrical tape. I used the tape to secure and match up all of the ends of the wires. Then it was so much easier to screw the exposed wires together with wire nuts. Once everything was safely connected I screwed the lighting fixture into place and stood back in sheer amazement that I had successfully changed our lighting fixtures.

Furniture Hack

Ivar Cabinet Hack – IKEA


Once your Ivar cabinet is assembled it will look something like below. You can paint the wood before you put the unit together, but as I wanted to keep the inside natural, I painted the frame once it was all together, and did the doors and shelves separately before attaching them.

Image result for ivar cabinet


Adding Legs

This was really fun to do. I taped off the wooden section of the legs whilst I sprayed the tops and bottoms gold. Once they were all dry I stained them to achieve a maple wood finish which really bought the unit together. You can switch out the legs pretty easy, simply unscrew the old, and replaced with the new!


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