Guide to comfort this fall

I have to confess, I’ve been a bit naughty this morning. I should have got up early and gone to the gym but I found myself cooped up in bed listening to the rain outside. The mornings are so much darker now and it makes me want to stay in my duvet. I got up to make myself a Pumpkin Chai Tea, and my cold kitchen made me wish for warm slippers and real PJs, not just an oversize t-shirt. I also wished at that moment that I didn’t use all of my bath bomb yesterday, that way I could warm myself up more. My mind then stretched to eventuality of leaving the house, and my sad lack of layers to wear underneath my clothing. All of these thoughts about being comfortable made me realize I can’t be the only one, so I’ve devised a plan for us!

Comfy Pyjamas
I was just thinking about browsing my go-to site Shopbop, but stumbled upon these beautiful sets here, as well as their cozy looking loungewear! Check out these velvet joggers and these amazing combos, here and here!

Warm Slipper / Booties
These are pretty serious house slippers, but I love the look of these, they look like they’d keep your entire foot warm. These are good too but the top part of your foot would be exposed. In general I feel like you can’t go wrong with their slippers. They also have really nice loungewear and these are super cute too!

Warm Underwear
When I first moved to Canada, this was one of the first things I bought! It’s amazing for shape wear and for keeping you warm underneath your clothes. I also love this, it has a racer back so you could wear it under shirts, jumpers and polo necks.

If you’re serious about keeping your feet/legs warm under your jeans or trousers, then merino socks are among the best you can get for that.

Bubble Baths / Bath Bombs
I tried The Comforter yesterday and it was my favourite one yet! I am certainly going to get is again along with a few of their Fall collection. Who doesn’t want a glittery pumpkin bath bomb?

David’s Tea
It’s always fun to try new teas, but my go to is Buddha’s Blend. I also bought myself this Tumbler to carry to and from work, or to have on my desk. I’m amazed how warm this stays! Definitely one of the best things I’ve bought, and I’m sure it’s going to be attached to me thought the Fall/ Winter.


What are your go-to comforts?

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