2017 Autumn Bucket List

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Firstly, happy Friday! I don’t know if it’s just me, but lately I feel like I’ve been lacking inspiration as my current work project comes to a close. My days are spent either working, sleeping or trying to fit in a workout, but during my lunch break yesterday, I took some time to browse through some of my favorite blogs. I came across The Everygirl 2017 Fall Bucket List, and the article got me excited about the coming season. I’d almost forgotten about the other fun things to do, and thought there was only Thanksgiving and Halloween to be excited about, but there is so much more!



Attend a football game
I still haven’t been to a Football game yet, but would love to this year. The local team in Vancouver is called the BC Lions. I think a group of us would like to travel down to Portland or Seattle to watch a game.

Decorate for Autumn
Whether it’s Halloween, Thanksgiving or just making your home more festive, check out my Pinterest boards for more inspiration on decorating this Autumn.

Visit a pumpkin patch
I’ve never been to a pumpkin patch, so this is very high on my list.

Make your Halloween costume
Every year my Halloween costumes have been rushed. I really admired a friend who made her and her boyfriends costumes a few years ago and they both looked amazing! It might be time to dust off my sewing machine and get the buttons and sequins out.

Go apple picking
Picking fruit from the gardens and fields on The Isle of Wight was a regular occurrence. My Nan still makes treats / dinners with her homegrown fruit and vegetables. I’d love to go apple picking and make a crumble or pie to follow.

Host a bonfire with s’mores
This would help if you have somewhere to start a bonfire of course, but for those of us living in a city, fear not, as Amazon have a special s’more making device here!

Update your fall fashion
This is something that’s been very big on my list lately, and you’ll start to see some more fall looks popping up on my Instagram.

Host a scary movie night
Some of my favorite Halloween movies would be; Hocus Pocus, Practical Magic, The Adams Family, Edward Scissor Hands, and anything Harry Potter Related. Not very scary, but I enjoy them the most. If you have any recommendations, please let me know in the comment section below?

Learn to cook a new warm hearty soup
I’m not an amazing cook, but I would love to try making this, this or this – the last one being totally unhealthy, I’m sure.

Send Thanksgiving notes to friends and family
I don’t know if it’s just these North America vibes I’ve been getting lately, but I would love to host a Thanksgiving party. I wasn’t exactly sure how a Thanksgiving meal differed to a Christmas meal so I Googled it. Apparently for Thanksgiving you have Turkey and Cranberry sauce with seasonal (orange) vegetables, and for Christmas you have roast Beef or Lamb with traditional vegetables. I also love the idea of giving thanks and appreciating the people you have in your life, I personally feel like we don’t do that enough.

Bake a pie from scratch
If you’re going apple picking, and visiting a pumpkin patch it only makes sense to turn your newly acquired fruit / veg into a delicious pie.


Take a scenic drive for some ‘leaf peeping’
Hand out sweets to *adorable* trick-or-treaters
Attend a harvest festival
Hike in a forest preserve or park

I felt like The Everygirl’s Bucket List was missing a key event and that might be because I’m totally obsessed by this idea, and that’s having a Autumn inspired picnic in a leafy park. Just because the summer is going, it doesn’t mean we still enjoy the beach or park.

What’s on your Autumn bucket list this year?


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