Autumn Mood

At the beginning of each month I like to pull together what’s currently inspiring me. I love doing Mood boards in general and I love to share things that interest me. Plus, I really need a place to collect all of my thoughts and ideas. Unlike other months I’ve kept it solely to fashion/design/pictures, but I’d like to start opening this up to a more personal side, whether that be inspiring words, ideas or thoughts I’d like to share. So, with that…….

I was at the beach last weekend and I was watching a young boy take photos with his parents, or more so, he was directing them take photos of him on the rocks. The more I watched it, the more baffled I became. When I was growing up, photos were taken in the moment. You weren’t able to edit them and redo them because you only had 24 pictures on a roll! It made me think about the world and how much it’s changed over time. Our special moments aren’t really captured anymore, they’re crafted. My friend used to only shoot with film cameras, and it was fun to take them to a shop and get them developed. I think I might do the same for my own personal use, or for special occasions like Birthdays or Christmases.

Another thing I was baffled by was mentioned on a Podcast I’ve been listening to. It talked about how kids from Chicago were being taken on school trips to dig up fossils in an area out of the city. During their excursion, they weren’t amazed by dinosaurs or fossils, they were amazed by the stars in the sky. Some of these kids were seeing stars for the first time in their lives. I remember when I was growing up, it would just be normal, but now something I thought was so simple I’ve come to appreciate so much more.


Flash Photography
Polaroid Pictures
Golden Hour
Starry Skies
The beginning of Autumn leaves
Proteas – weird buy beautiful flowers
Caramel Jackets or Coats
Natural Light Knits
Ripped Hem Jeans with Sleek Boots
Statement earrings with plain white T-s


What’s your current love / inspiration right now?


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