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The drive to Turin was pretty smooth until we reached the town! There was a long and windy climb up the countryside hill and it was exactly how you would imagine an Italian countryside. Lots of greenery, farms, brick cottages with wineries upon wineries!

Our accommodation was beautiful and Kim and James had booked a scatter of cottages for their wedding guest. Our host worked as a Typographer making wine labels in the city, but wanted to transition to an easier life managing his Bed and Breakfast.

Once we had changed and put away the luggage we all gathered at the central house which was a bit further down in the village but also up a windy hill. It was lovely to see all of the friend group and familiar faces in one place half way across the world. The cottage they booked was so stunning! They paid around 4000eur for the entire place for a week. I think if you have a large group it would be easy it split the costs, especially if you wanted to have a family reunion, wedding or holiday with friends.

Kim’s family hosted a Vietnamese night where we ate Pho and learnt how to make salad roles. It was such a lovely touch as Kim’s family shipped all the food over for this very night and everyone was so appreciative! I’m certainly going to be making Vietnamese salad rolls back home!

We all got an early night sleep that night and spent the next morning relaxing by the pool. Later we headed to a small town close by where we picked up Bosca wine. This wine is one of the longest running wine making families in the region, going back 9 generations! I’m a sucker for sweet wines so I chose their Moscato. On the drive back we also avoided going to the large Supermarket and opted for a small local family store. We communicated with hand gesture in order to piece together a cheese and ham lunch, and they were so lovely given out lack of Italian.

After spending the morning by the pool, we were picked up by a narrow shuttle bus which took us to the church where Kim and James were to be married. It had such stunning view and was at a truly beautiful location.

Sunday was a very slow and hard start to the morning but we managed to make it to the family lunch. I’m glad I went as it was truly beautiful. This was another Bed and Breakfast but they also served food in a large family home style restaurant. Their property backed onto vineyards and they also had pears, kiwis and peppers growing in their garden.

We headed back to the main house afterward to relax around the pool as a group. The grounds of the house were kept by an Indian family so later on in the evening  we were eating Samosas and drinking Chai Tea. I didn’t think I’d be doing that in Italy!

All in all! If you’re thinking of going to Italy and have limited time I would highly recommend Cinque Terre and the beautiful Italian countryside. Milan is pretty but there are much nicer European cities / towns to visit like Paris (which have direct flights from Vancouver)

I wouldn’t recommend Genoa and a similar (nicer) equivalent town / city for history and beaches would be Barcelona,

That wraps up my little Italian trip!

Please let me know if you have any recommendations that you would like to share?

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