12 Hours in Toronto

We ended up spending a day in Toronto due to missing our connecting flight to Milan. It was pretty unfortunate since we arrived at the gate with 15mins to spare, but due to our luggage being late we weren’t allowed to board. We were given a choice to either board a flight to Lisbon and then transfer to Milan without luggage, or wait for a flight the next day with guaranteed luggage. We decided on the latter since we were going to a wedding and needed our clothes for the event.

Since there had been a lot of flight delays due to weather conditions, it meant that a lot of people were also in this position. The airport staff said it would be better to spend the day without luggage in Toronto as our bags were in a holding unit for the connecting flight. So, not only where we about to spend a day in Toronto, but it would also be a day without luggage! Although this was an unfortunate outcome, we decided that we wouldn’t let that ruin an opportunity to explore a new city.

We didn’t know too much about the area and wanted to do something easy and simple. I found a nice coffee spot called Neo Coffee which was close by the St Lawrence market. We headed there for a quick coffee after our paid breakfast at our hotel and then strolled down to the market. It reminded me a lot like Granville Island with local stalls, fresh produce, flowers and plants.

Other Coffee Shops:

Neo Coffee Bar
Fahrenheit Coffee
Dineen Coffee Co.
Pilot Coffee Roasters
Balzac’s Coffee Roasters 


After the market we passed by people playing jazz outside and headed to a museam. There are lots of little places to check out in Toronto for that. I would of loved to go to Toronto Island after being there when I was younger but it was too risky. The CN tower would have also been nice but we didn’t want to pay for entry and risk queuing / rushing.

Local Attractions:

St. Lawrence Market
CN Tower
Toronto Islands
High Park
Queen Street

Once we left the museum we decided to get another coffee and call about insurance. That’s one thing I always overlooked when going away, but it’s so important to have it. They cover up to $250 travel and food expenses for each day you’re delayed; so our day in Toronto was pretty much free (minus clothing and entertainment). In general, I was amazed at how many good food spots there were in Toronto, here are a few I found below:


Bodega Henriette
Piano Piano
Otto’s Bierhalle
Smoke Signals Bar-B-Q
Richmond Station

Last stop in Toronto was the Fairmont which wasn’t very nice in comparrision to Vancouver so I wouldn’t recommend that! If you have time I’d recommend maybe stopping by one of these bars:


Apt 200
Pretty Ugly
Pray Tell

Overall for an unexpected trip to Toronto we actually had quiet and enjoyable day!

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