How to stay healthy on vacation

When you’re leaving your normal routine and travelling abroad it can be tempting to slip out of your healthy regime. After working hard on my fitness and health it’s not something I was to lose track of. It can of course be temping to spurge… but I don’t think the consequences of holiday splurging is worth it. 

I’ve already scouted out local gyms. I am usually up early so I don’t mind getting an hour in to my morning holiday regime. I know most people want to relax on holiday so you might not be open to this. If that’s the case then you can stay active with walking. Wherever you go, you can check out a local walking tour, or flick through walking routes on Google. It’s something I did in New Orleans which was really fun.  You can see how far you’ve walked each day by looking at your Steps / Km’s tracked on your Health iPhone app! If you have an iPhone it’s already installed and tracking this for you!

Make sure you keep healthy snacks to hand when you’re out and about to avoid diving into that amazing cake stand every time you’re feeling peckish. Good snacks to have would be Apples, Bananas, Nuts or Trail Mix. If you’re staying in an AirBnB you could still start your day with a healthy home made breakfast or smoothie if they have a blender. You’ll be saving money and calories!

Have a few picnic lunches or dinners in your local park or beach. Pick up a selection of meats, cheeses, fruits and crackers and enjoy your new scenery while saving pennies and being mindful of what you’re eating. Quite often we’re in restaurant and find ourselves being draw to the idea of treating ourselves to the most lavish thing on the menu. By having a picnic you can keep your meal, fresh and light. Forget that unlimited bread for the table!

Again, if you’re staying at an AirBnB – you might be lucky to have an outside garden area. Again, you could pick things up from a local market and dine like a local. Make yourself a fresh salad, and some sides. Pick up a bottle of wine and some fruit and enjoy time spent in your temporary courtyard / rented garden. The reason why we put on weight on holiday, is mostly because we eat out for EVERY meal! – But it doesn’t have to be boring by having picnics and dining al fresco. You’re still enjoying the local foods and your new surroundings –  just with a lighter belly and lower price tag!

Limit sugary treats for your most deserving days. If you’ve gone on a 10KM walk / hike then sure it’s OK to have a little treat after dinner, but if you’ve walked from your hotel to the pool, and then back, then possibly not a day to indulge. Try and stay away from overly processed deserts, opting for Gelato or Frozen Yogurt with fresh fruit. You could even tie in a reward system in conjunction with your Health App or Fitbit. If you’ve burned x amount of calories or walked x amount of steps then you can allow yourself a little treat.

Hey! Who said it would be easy? This post is about how you can try and avoid packing on extra pounds whilst on holiday!

This would be an extra step, but try and keep a note of what you eat by using apps like Fitness Pal. This is great because it also can factor in how much you’ve walked that day and how many calories you’ve burnt. Quite often we can forget what we’ve had in a day, plus I personally feel bad if I know I need to add 3 chocolate biscuits to my Fitness Pal! hehe!

I hope this helps, and I’m certainly going to be sticking to this whilst I’m on holiday!

Do you have any tips for staying healthy on vacation?

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