Last weekend I watched Dunkirk at the cinema which is a beautiful movie and it got me thinking of home. I do miss the countryside, my family and all things British, but at the same time I am enjoying experiencing Canada.

Before moving to Canada I went back to The Isle of Wight where I spent a large portion of my childhood. After living and working in London, I started to appreciate the small town vibes, and a smaller community where you actually know your neighbors and can depend upon them. I only know one person in my apartment where I live now (Downtown Vancouver) and that’s only because she’s my building manager!

With that, I wanted to share some pictures of The Isle of Wight, just South of England!

Welcome to the Isle of Wight


The Lavender Farm

Oh! How I miss old brick cottages!

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  • Debbie Simms

    Stunning scenery. It’s funny, I live here and it’s around me all the time. But after being in Vancouver twice I kind of miss the vastness of the place, the far reaching views, freshness and quirky shops and areas.

  • The beauty of the Atlantic’s coast is like no other! Gorgeous photos πŸ™‚

  • I have been in Northern Spain in Asturia and in San Sebastian, and in Ireland. In Great Britain I’ve have never been, but I want to go πŸ™‚

    • You should try and get there! I would obviously recommend London. Cornwall, Devon and Brighton are charming little seaside towns. Isle of Wight can be tricky to get to!

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