Chasing The Summer Sun

Yesterday after work we headed to the beach. When I lived in Kits I always used to see people BBQ’ing, playing vollyball and having picnics on the beach. I thought to myself, don’t these people have jobs? I guess even if we do work until 6/7pm it still gives us 3 hours before the sun goes down. I’m sad it’s taken me so long to take advantage of these summer nights!

I saw Lucy Williams wearing these NORDMADIC STATE OF MIND Sandals and jumped on buying a pair when I saw they were on Amazon! These make the perfect little beach shoes and also look very similar to the Isabel Marant rope shoes which are x10 times the price!


Β Β 

My Earrings are from YOUNG FRANKK! I’ve wanted a pair of these for such a long time, so I am happy I finally decided to get them!

Make sure you take advantage of the sunshine before Autumn comes!

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  • Debbie Simms

    Aw Kits, happy days . Love the rope sandals and earrings.

    • Genevieve Claire

      Thank you so much! – The rope sandals were an amazon bargain and they come in 4 different colours

      • Debbie Simms

        Ill have a look

  • These sandals are amazing!
    I have seen your comment somewhere in Internet and I was very surprised, because my nick on Blogger is Claire Genevieve ( not to mention C-G is my kitty), ha ha πŸ™‚

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