Where to Eat / Drink in Vancouver

I am slowly working my way around Vancouver and all that it has to offer. One of the nicer places I went to last year was Anna Lena rated 4/5. I stopped by there again last weekend, but I have to admit this really brings up a bigger point. Although Anna Lena is lovely, Vancouver has so many good bars / restaurant / cafes to go to, and I still feel like I am new in town so I should explore as much as possible and quit going to familiar places.

Today I found a Vancouver based website that highlights everything you need to know about where to go. It does it all for you! Hallelujah! It looks at new places opened from 2017 back to 2014, and provides you with food news, showcases the best Cafe’s, Patios, Markets to visit and so much more!

Olive + Ruby
Sweet Tooth

Do you have any memorable restaurants / cafes / bars around the world?

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