How To Improve Your Content

I’m regretfully one of those people who like constancy and some resemblance of order. I love storage, organisation and keeping things tidy. Speaking as someone with a colour coordinated wardrobe, I realize this is a problem that also spans over into my Instagram. On the weekend I was looking though my content and thought to myself-  If I came across my account, I don’t think I would follow me. With a bit of research I decided to download the app Mosaico.  The app allows you to move around / re-position pictures before you post them, or hide pictures before deleting them from your feed. Once you’re happy with your digital collage, you can set up reminders to post at different times during the day. I usually post in the morning on my commute to work. I also use VSCOCAM and A Color Story to edit my pictures, which I can do a more in depth post on later in the week.



Are there any apps you’re using for Instagram?

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July 14, 2017
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