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It’s almost been a year since I’ve moved into my Apartment, well, a year in October. While I do love my white sheets I think it’s about time to add a bit more colour into my bedroom, or at least I’d like to update my bedding by the time Autumn rolls around. There’s nothing I love more than been cooped up in bed on a rainy autumn day, reading a book with a hot chocolate. My Apartment is on the 4th floor so it looks out onto the tree tops. I love that I get to see / feel the changing seasons from my home.



Bedding by Cultiver Goods is just so stunning! What I love about this website is you can shop looks and add them directly to your basket. Their shipping across USA and Canada is also free. This is a big win for us in Canada. Although, I am not 100% on import charges, and if you’re dropping close to $500 on some of these sets then you’d be paying some pretty big fees. The majority of us can just look at this bedding in awe, but I thought I would share since it’s so lovely.

I love this stripe bedding, and I also love how they mix and match their colors below. If you do end up splurging then you can customize what you get.


My most favorite bedding I ever owned was this one from MUJI, I got both grey and cream and wish I’d bought them with me to Canada. Unfortunately they don’t have any stores in Vancouver so I would need to order online from the US. I also just found that you can buy jersey style bedding here, which would be a far better option. They also have a wider colour section!  If you’re not ready to move away from white bedding, or prefer white bedding but want to add interest you could go for something like this, or this. More realistically I will probably be purchasing this one next,  it’s a far better price for me being closer to the $100 mark!


What’s your favorite style bedding, or do you have any store recommendations for bedding?

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  • Debbie Simms

    Oh love Jersey bedding. I get mine from Laura Ashley . I find the cotton is off very good quality and they have matching soft furnishing too.
    I agree , unless I won the lottery I wouldn’t be spending $500 on bedding X
    Love your blog by the way .

    • I love how cosy it is! I really love the bedding at Laura Ashley, their style is beautiful for Chabby Chic / Country homes

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