What To Wear For A Summer Wedding

I’ve been searching the internet for dresses to wear at a summer wedding, and although there are a lot of sales on at the moment I find myself struggling to find dresses that ‘fit the bill’ . I always try and buy clothes that are timeless and can last more than one season. I have 2 LBD’s which are timeless, one by Self Portrait and the other by Alexander Wang. The dresses below, I feel are also timeless and investment pieces. I’ve already purchased the Daytona Dress from Need Supply, but as the wedding spans across 3 days I’d like to buy 2 more. Here are my favourites / dream dresses, but I’m still searching for some alternatives around the $100 mark.


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Which one is your favourite?

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July 14, 2017
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  • Debbie Simms

    The Verona dress is quite nice . Personally I would look what you could use from your current wardrobe. White trousers and a nice top maybe or alternatively I would look in some department stores . I think I’d make sure that I would buy something pretty, easy to wear , casual, not fussy and above all something that will look good whatever you may be doing .

  • Debbie Simms

    Go to the sales . I got two fantastic bargain to wear to a wedding reception I have been invited too. The dresses I have chosen can be worn dressed up with nice shoes and equally one can be worn with sandals as casual wear in the summer and one could be worn with sandals or woolly tights and boots in the winter so win win!

    • Genevieve Claire

      I love that! Finding items that can be worn though multiple seasons is really important to me. I can’t believe it’s a week before I go and I still haven’t decided on anything!

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