July Mood

I am going to be swapping out my Goals post for a Mood post which will feature new inspirations, finds and loves each month. As I looked back at my June Goals this morning, I realized that I’ve barley even touched what I’d set out to do and it’s hard to admit but I think I was trying to do too much. Truth is, any free time I have is spent blogging. My Summer Reading List and my Etsy Store updates went down the priority list as did my aims to Meditate and do Yoga.

Although I didn’t achieve what I’d set out to do last month, I still did things that I consider small triumphs and achievements. It took longer than expected for me to sell my furniture, but I’m happy to say  that (minus a few posters) it’s all sold now – and I’m excited for these things to arrive next week!  My friends and I started a rotating cooking night, and although this wasn’t on my June Goals, cooking is something I’d like to get better at. I went to my first Bridal Shower, successfully managed to build an IKEA unit, got a hair cut and sold a bunch of clothes on eBay!

For July I am going to keep it simple with continuing to update my apartment and try and stick to 3- 5 blog posts a week! Anyways, getting back my monthly Mood Board.. I am currently being inspired by:

For me:

All things Parisian
Golden Hour

Summer Mornings
White Clothing
Net Bags
Homemade Popsicles
Line Drawings
Summer Cocktails
Golden Colours 




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