5 Healthy Ways To Start Your Day

In Canada it’s been a long weekend and in USA, July 4th! I’m pretty sure we’ve all indulged in some way, whether that be with food, drink or taking the weekend off of exercise. Although its good to take the occasional break, I’m looking forward to getting back into my healthy regime!

So, here are 5 healthy ways to start your day!

Cardio is amazing for stress relief and gives you a boost of positive endorphins. Whether you’re running, swimming, cycling or going for a brisk walk all of these are great ways to start your day.

By doing 10 – 15 mins of stretching in the morning you increase flexibility, blood flow and posture. By becoming more flexible and supple you help to prevent injury and maintain a wide range of motion. Breathing though your stretches helps to decrease your stress levels and clears your mind, so stretching can be a perfect way to meditate. If you’re not sure what to do for stretching, start off by practicing a simple yoga routine like Sun Salutation.

After a 6-8 hour sleep with no water intake it’s important to rehydrate when you wake up. You should aim to drink 2 litres a day minimum. If you find it hard to drink water try adding cucumber + mint to mix things up.

Multivitamins and minerals are my new essential! I’ve started taking Collagen in my smoothies which is great for skin, teeth, hair and nails! If you feel like you’re lacking nutrients then try adding Super Greens to a glass of water or blend with a morning smoothie.

Deliciously Ella is certainly one of my favourite cookbooks. If you don’t have time to make complex meals then this cookbook is great. All of her recipes are so simple, fast and use minimal ingredients. I usually opt for a smoothie in the morning and drink it as I’m getting ready.


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Are there any healthy routines you like? What would you try adding to your morning?

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