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At the beginning of the week I really felt like I’d been lacking inspiration. I don’t know if it’s to do with the weather changing in Vancouver or just that I’d entered into a creative rut. In order to get my flow back, I spent the evenings updating my Pinterest and Tumblr accounts by removing clutter, recognizing and rediscovering. A digital cleanse is something I mentioned in this post, and doing the other things listed there certainly helped me find clarity.

I’ve also decided to shake things up a bit and I am getting my hair cut on the weekend. I’m also going to redo the artwork in my Apartment, so I’ll be dusting off the paint brushes!

As a result of my digital cleanse I wanted to share the accounts that are providing me with new inspiration! I would also love to hear who and what inspires you, and what do you do when you find yourself in a creative rut?




I think Mija was one of the first blogs I started following so I have to put this down, she has beautiful photos and you’d have to scroll back in time but she lived in London and I’d always see her at my local spots. Lucy is still based in London and adore her style – I think she spends most of her time travelling though. Hanna is a new find for me and I had no idea how beautiful Loeffler Randall’s ‘everything’ was until a few weeks ago!


I love all of the Instagrams for the Blogs above but also love Pandora Sykes, Lucy Laucht,  The Fashion Medley, Fine Life Co, Sarah Halpin, and Elora Joshi


Obsessed with : Kind of Luxe, Clara Ambre, Wit and Delight, BirdasaurusWLF We Love Fashion and Remain Simple 


All of the images are from the links above.

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  • Elizabeth/Confidently Elegant

    Thank you for sharing how you found renewed inspiration. Sometimes it’s so easy to get distracted or discouraged. I always find spending some time reading other great blogs or going outdoors for awhile helps me.
    Elizabeth |

    • Genevieve Claire

      You’re most welcome, I am happy to share! I think you’re right – going for a nice walk often helps clear your head so thank you for suggesting that 🙂 x

  • Amazing blog suggestions! I started following some due to you 🙂

    • Genevieve Claire

      So happy to hear that!

      I think my favorite of all of them has to be Remain Simple. If you have any suggestions let me know too, always looking for new things 😛 x

  • Laura Ward

    Love a good digital cleanse! its like a closet purge, you just feel lighter!

    • Genevieve Claire

      Hehe! It certainly feels much better when you scroll down your feed and like all of your content, or open your wardrobe and don’t have to fight to get a top out 😛

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