Summer Wishlist

I’ve recently done a big update on my Pinterest with a Style Muse and Neutral board. One of my June Goals was to try and bring all of my social media accounts a bit more in line with each other so I am still working on that this month!

June so far has been a pretty interesting month, I’ve been trying up update my apartment, clear out my wardrobe, sell bits and pieces on Craigslist / Ebay and I’m also considering a getting my hair cut / styled! I guess sometimes you just go through these changes in life… mine just happen to be all in the same month.

Anyways, there are lost of sales going on at the moment, and I am loving what they have on Need Supply + H&M so wanted to share! I don’t usually wear dresses but I have a Bridal Shower coming up so trying to figure out what one wears to a Bridal Shower?



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