Finding The Right Coffee Table

If you read my post What’s Next For My Apartment, then you’ll know I am currently refurnishing my place. My current coffee table is an industrial style with reclaimed wood, and while I love and appreciate the design I just don’t feel like it’s me anymore. When I moved into my Apartment I don’t think I knew what style I was really going for, I just tried to spend as little as possible and chose functionality over design.

From asking myself these question in my earlier post, I was able to identify trends and see what I was mostly drawn to. I love sleek designs, mid century modern, marble and gold. All of the tables below meet that criteria. So when/ if you’re doing this, make sure your table ticks most of your preference boxes.

With a long coffee table you have a chance to showcase your personality with books, flowers, maybe a little memento or a cool piece of art / item that you found walking through a vintage market in you local town. I’ll certainly do another post on how to style your coffee table once I get my new one – whatever that may be!

What coffee table do you think looks best?


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