Books For The Coffee Table

I love having books in my apartment, for me it feels almost nostalgic which is sad. Books seem to be dying out with things like Kindles but I love to have coffee table books at the very least.

It’s been sunny in Vancouver lately so I’ve been having coffee on my patio in the mornings. I’ll read a bit, or flick through my fashion / design books. You have to take whatever sunshine you can get when you’re living in ‘rain city’!

I’ve noted down my favouirtes, with books I own and books I would like to own. I haven’t made it to the pricy ones yet though. One thing that’s really useful is looking on the New/Used section on Amazon. You’ll be able to find those books for 1/3 of the price. They might come a bit worn down, but I like that, and I like reading used books so I don’t mind.  If you do this, bare in mind the might take longer to be delivered since they’re from a different vendor via Amazon. Here are my recommendations 

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