Home Inspo: Petite Maison

“Comfort kills the creative spirit.”

If you’ve been on my Pinterest you’ll notice I have a great love for home decor and design. It’s something that’s been growing on me in the last few years and I would love to learn more about it. For a while I didn’t exactly know what I liked and how I wanted my apartment to be, but now I think I’ve finally found something I love which emphasizes natural light, simple design with a clean details.

I was pretty exited when I saw the home of Michaela Lee featured on Apiece Apart because it was all of my loves rolled into one. I just had to continue to share it and also keep it on my blog as a reminder. Not only does she have a wonderful home, but something in her interview also resonated with me. She talks about how comfort can kill creative spirit. I don’t know if I would have ever started my blog in this way if I hadn’t moved to Canada. In life, it’s important to stay hungry and curious, but also to follow your instincts wherever they may take you. “I kind of know deep down that there isn’t anything that I cannot overcome or face as long as the health of my family and myself is not compromised.”


My favorite things about this home

High Ceilings
Chevron Flooring
White Wall Molding
Built in shelving to match walls
Long Windows
Large Dining Table for family and friends
Dining bench and mismatched chairs
A fresh bouquet for the table
Fig plant



Photos by Gemma Ingalls, interview by Leigh Patterson

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