Mexico In Snaps

Last year / beginning of this year was pretty hectic for me. I went though a break up and had really bad stomach issues which effected my sleep. I was also working on a difficult project at the time, which didn’t make things easier. Prior to all of those fun things, the travelling I did do was a lot of exploring and moving from place to place, and I love that, but given all of the events I went through I needed a chill out / relaxing holiday. I literally wanted to do nothing but lay in the sun, read my book and swim in the sea. So, I went all inclusive to Mexico; Beach Cabana, Cocktails, Mexican food, sunshine, swim up bars and Beach Yoga. As someone who traditionally loves seeing as much as possible it was strange for me to be based in one place. Nevertheless, it’s what I needed and I feel so much better for it. Just the simple pleasure of reading a book in the sun made me so happy.


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