The Benefits of a Staycation

 Aside from Blogging I have a full time job where I work in a Post Production studio. I schedule and manage a variety of departments from start to finish, which can be effected by client changes and deliveries. I’ve been with this company for 5 years+ and I love being part of the film process but it can take it’s toll on you, as many jobs do. Once I completed my last big project I took a week off for myself and loved every second of it. I didn’t have any plans, just a few things I aimed to do. I love having full control over my life, I don’t think I’ve experienced that – possibly ever!

I’m on a new project now which finishes at the beginning of September and yesterday I booked off another week for after that project ends. So, I’d like to share some of the benefits I encountered from my last stay-cation.

I’m sure we all have a list of things we would like to do in our cities / towns that we haven’t done yet. You can use you staycation to get some of those activities in!

You’re no longer cooped up in an office so you can spend your days outside in the sunshine. You can make it to those classes you always wanted to try and book yourself a massage. I personally really want to try a float tank and infa-red sauna, so I think I’ll be booking those things in for my next staycation in September.

Time to Recover
No more alarms or rushing to work in the morning, you get to determine the speed of your day. If you want to have a morning running errands, having brunch or laying in bed that’s up to you.

Increased Creativity 
My creativity levels soared during my time off, I had time to think and discover new ideas and it was exciting. I re-designed my Studio and started making a better apartment to live in. I bought plants and really opened the space up for ideas and creativity.


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How would you spend your staycation?

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  • Debbie Simms

    I think I’d spend my staycation, gardening. I love being out in the garden making it look perfect, doing the edges etc. If it’s hot however I’d head for the beach and garden in the evening…