My Little Travel Bucket List

I remember watching The Bucket List a while ago and thought it was a fantastic concept to have a list of things you’d want to do before you die (eepp!)
One of my greatest fears is growing up and wishing I’d seen more places in the world. From that moment, I’ve always kept a list of where I’d like to go on my phone. It’s pretty long and ever adapting but here’s the short version!


Italy looks wonderfully romantic with the old cobbled streets, vegetables in crates, miles of wineries and amazing food. Rome, Vencie or more recently Cinque Terre are the top of my Italy list.


I had a very small taste of California last year with LA and San Francisco, but I’d love to go again for longer. After watching Flaked, it got me hooked on the idea of cycling around a sunny beach town. I’d also love to see Antelope Canyon and some of the amazing parks there. Since I’m living in Vancouver, this shouldn’t be miles away from realistic.


Another destination on here due to proximity is Hawaii. If you’ve seen Forgetting Sarah Marshall or 50 First Dates then you’ll know all about the Hawaiian vibes. Amazing nature, flowers, waterfalls and beaches. Vancouverites tend to holiday here, Mexico or Cuba, and you can see some of my recent Mexico snaps here.

What’s on your travel bucket list?


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  • Debbie Simms

    I too wouldn’t mind cycling around California or San Fransisco , but may struggle to find a willing companion. 😏 I would like to trek in Peru to the lost city, I would love to visit the French Polynesia islands, Hawaii like you, Italy , more Greek islands , try skiing, white water rafting .. Oh dear I think I may run out of time 😐 . Love travelling …

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