6 Tasks To Stop Putting Off This Weekend

During a busy work week the last thing you want to do is deal with things that build up. If you set aside a few hours one morning you can tackle though so much. Doing tasks things on a regular basis will mean you wont need to spend as much time doing them in the future.

Whether it’s a magazine subscription or newsletter , if you don’t need / want to receive them anymore then simply remove! If you’re using Gmail then there’s an even faster way to filter out those pesky messages. You wont even need to move out of the Gmail interface!

The weekends are a chance to catch up on anything we might have missed online during the week. De-cluttering your social media helps to maintain a higher quality feed with more relevant content. When you remove all those meme sites and things you may have followed a year or two ago, it means you’re only exposed to your favorite things, or things you want to read, and see.

I find it a lot easier to get ready when I know that I love all of the clothes in my wardrobe. Even today I put on a top and thought, this doesn’t make me feel good, so why do I have it? Regularly clearing out clothes means that you wont have to always do a big sell, donate or toss. This weekend this is a task I am looking forward to, because in a weird way I feel like I am outgrowing my old self + developing a new style.

Ebay makes it very easy to snap pictures and upload them for sale in seconds. If you already have items for sale you can choose to sell similar items, and just update the picture, price, details and then you’re done. You can probably List 5 – 6 items in 20 mins.I always love selling unwanted items on Ebay because that money will go right back into an item I do like / savings, so win win!

Everyone has a junk draw where you just end up throwing elastic bands, paper clips and receipts that you don’t need! I know it might feel like walking into a forbidden jungle but once the clutter is gone, you’ll fell better.

The simple things can often make the biggest impact. Refreshing your space needn’t involve renovations or new purchases. Sometimes by rearranging the layout of your home, washing, plumping and lighting some pillows can make a difference.

What task do you find yourself putting off?

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