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I am very happy to announce that as of this week I have sold my Rug, TV Unit and Coffee Table and on the weekend I might be selling my Ghost Chair and Lamps before I head off for the long weekend. It’s quite funny how my apartment is now so bare, but I’m excited for a fresh start!

As I am missing London’s markets and all the trinkets you’d stumble upon there, so I decided to buy a few pieces that reminded me of home. I have to admit, I have struggled finding things like this in Vancouver, but Montreal seems to have more of a selection, and as they’re part of Canada, shipping cost are much  lower than the US! Yayh!

With that, I have pieced together some of my wishlist items!

So far I’ve bought 03, 06, 08 and 09 only, as I wanted to test out their shipping before buying more:

I’m also swapping out my art work with my own drawings!

Have you ever considered doing your own art work, and will you be treating yourself in the sales?

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