Cosy Jumper and Jeans

        It’s quite cold here in Vancouver and right now, there is nothing better than spending a relaxing Sunday in a cozy jumper and some simple jeans. If you’re on the hunt for some cozy jumpers then I would recommend checking out Madewell

        When I moved to Canada, I had no idea how cold and rainy it could get. I’d come from London and that’s usually what the city is known for… queue the classic movie scene of a villain walking through a streets with the rain falling and a dark grey sky. I’m here to tell you that, it doesn’t seem to really rain in London, its like this horrible diagonal rain that gets up and under your umbrella… not like the rain in Canada where you wonder if you can make it to the train station without wet feet from jumping over large puddles.

        Point is, I wasn’t ready and saw it as an excuse to get cozy and avoid going out in the rain as much as possible. Which of course lead me to stacking up on my knitwear!

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        My Outfit

        ÉTOILE ISABEL MARANT      evie hat (similar here)
        MADEWELL         pullover (similar here)
        ZARA      jeans 
        GORJANA      earrings

         What are your warm and cozy go-to’s on a rainy day?

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        January 1, 2017