6 Trends I’m Most Excited About For Spring

    Every season is unique in it’s own way, but Spring always feels so special, afterall, its the season of new life, new beginnings and a chance to reinvent your style. Shift those winter colors to the back of your wardrobe and pull the brights to the front. You may have seen me mention this before, but living and working in London meant that I felt more comfortable in neutrals. Looking back, it was almost as though I had a uniform. I would even filter for just white, black and gray when online shopping.

    So, in keeping with my new goals, I wanted to start adding more color to my wardrobe, and it all began with this POPPY RED sweater, now I am hooked and looking forward to what the 2018 Spring trends have to offer! So although I am comfortable in my neutral pieces, I feel as though a change is in order and I want to live a life in color. With that said I am going to share the trends I am most excited about this Spring…


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    Lavender is going to challenge the soft millennial pink we fell in love with last year. I used to steer away from purple but when I learnt about the history of the color and where it originated, I had a new appreciation for it. I feel like this is still a color that people don’t wear that often, but with spring on the horizon, there have been a few cute items popping up and I am excited to share them with you!

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    The oversized boyfriend blazer came in thick and fast last year – beautiful tweeds, herringbone, checked and I loved it all. I bought THIS last year which you will see me wearing, but with the warm months coming, the tailoring will be more sleek and fitted. What I love about the image below is it’s a true representation of the power pastel.


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    Power Pastels

    I love the example above, and lately I have been considering bring in more yellow and soft creams into my wardrobe. I do need to slowly transition into colors after having a monochrome wardrobe. I bought a yellow top from Aritzia last year and it still has the tag on it, but I am determined to wear it this year! See below for more of my favorite power pastels.


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    White Accessories

    I have been loving my HAREFEST bag, and feel myself slowly gravitating towards picking up something similar to the Mansur Gavriel SLINGBACKS. When I was younger I never liked the look of the white stilettos, but I also didn’t know where to look for the right things and didn’t know my own style. But now with the wave of soft elegant shapes and designs we have come to a cute complementary wave of shoes that look feminine and powerful.


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    Pink & Red

    I have been in love with this color, and every time I look at it, for some reason it makes me feel happy. Poppy red is bright and playful and the mix of orange and red tones help to bring out the pigment and tone in your complexion. If you’re ever in a store and see poppy red just try it as an experiment and you’d see what I mean. You’ll be seeing me in this color a lot more!


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    Denim Sets

    Moving to Canada you can get made fun of for wearing double denim (the Canadian tuxedo), plus it’s generally known as a fashion no no… but I think it looks cute, but then I also think dungarees are cute too! I’m going to embrace it this Spring. Denim pinafore dresses, boho overalls with flowers in my hair! hehe!


    What trends are you most excited about this Spring?
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    January 11, 2018