Things to do on the plane

Today I am going to be jetting off to Italy. I do enjoy using my time on a plane to catch up with movies, but sometimes you might get bored of watching endless, back to back movies! If that’s the case, then here are a few alternatives you could try!

If you have a Kindle make sure it’s fully charged, and make sure the books you want to read are fully downloaded. I love my Kindle because it’s easy to fit in a handbag and provides you with endless books. When you run out of a paperback on holiday you might be pushed to find English books in a foreign speaking destination. I also like having a Kindle because of the light. You might wake up / fall asleep at different times to everyone else, so it’s nice to keep to yourself and have you own source of light instead of rudely blinding your neighbor who’s trying to sleep. If you’re unsure what books to read, check out my Summer Reading List

I’m pretty sure my Mum could play Candy Crush for 12 hours straight, but there are other cool games you can go for your iPhone or iPad.

Want to catch up with a show you’ve wanted to watch, now is your time! I would recommend these feel good TV Shows worth watching!

Check out my post on what I’ve been reading, watching and listening to.  I also love listening to the Joe Rogan Podcast. I will absolutely be doing this on my travels!

Chances are you’re facing a decision you need to make, or have something clouding your thoughts. Use you flight to write down a pro’s and con’s list. You’ll have some time where you’re not too distracted where you can really brain storm some great ideas.

Use some of my recommended apps here to up your Instagram game. You can also digital de-clutter your phone!

Apps like Headspace are and should be used on a regular basis, but if you’re falling behind try and kick start your meditation whilst you’re mid flight to relax.

With apps like Dialingo and Podcast like Coffee Break Spanish/French/Italian, we can brush up on our language skills. I am going to Italy so you can rest assure I will be practicing / refreshing what I’ve learnt over the last few weeks. I did this in Cuba and really enjoyed learning and speaking the language.


How do you like to spend your time on the plane?

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