When Life Gives You Lemons…

I thought I would write a post about this since this is ┬ásomething that’s never happened to me before. I am also usually up earlier than everyone else so I have time to be writing down my thoughts and feelings.

Last night our flight from Vancouver to Toronto faced some delays so it meant that our connection time was pinching. We had 25mins to get from one side of the airport to the other. So, we were like horses out of the gate when the plane door opened. We arrived to the departure lounge at 9.15pm but at that time they weren’t accepting people on due to mechanics, essentially this means no more bags were getting on.

We had an option of flying to Lisbon and transfer to Milan, which would get us in Milan a few hours later than expected, but at the risk of having no luggage. The other option was to wait a full day in Toronto and catch a flight the next day with no added risk of being without luggage.

As we’re going to a wedding, we needed our clothes and I also packed all of my best clothes! Before flying I thought to myself. I should pack my most valued things in my hand luggage. Which would have been my straighteners, bag and wedding guest outfit but then I quickly put it down to myself being a nervous flyer, overly paranoid and ridiculous!

Word of advice. If you ever have a connecting flight, pack a change of clothes in your hand luggage and everything you’d need for a day out incase!!!

This is also the FIRST time travelling with luggage as I normally only need my hand luggage suitcase.

I entitled this “lemonade out of lemons” because instead of getting angry and upset about missing a day in Milan, it would be wasted emotion. Don’t get me wrong, I’m writing a letter of complaint! Yet, why ruin a day in a new city! Last night when we got to our hotel we started googling brunch places, coffee shops, markets and other things to do whilst here. Again, not and ideal situation but:


Sometimes life hands you a lemon,

its what you do that counts!




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  • Debbie Simms

    Well said Genevieve. I would have done the same.

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