Melu Juice Cleanse

I am kicking off the week with a 3 day juice cleanse from Melu. My go-to in Vancouver used to be a place called Krocodile Pear but that’s since been bought out and priced up by another company. I decided to go with Melu because they have great quality juices for a reasonable price in comparison to other places in Vancouver. The most expensive being The Juicery, Glory Juice and Juice Truck.

I really enjoy juicing because it’s an amazing way to reset and takes the pressure off of your digestive system. I was actually talking to the sales assistant and she said quite often people will do a 1 day juice cleanse once a week, or a 3 day juice cleanse every 2 weeks, and I love that idea. Places like The Juicery allow you to choose a 1-3 month period where you receive up to 6 juices every week for the duration of your subscription. That’s pretty good if you’re wanting to do a 1 day juice each week.


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  • Belle

    I’ve never tired a juice cleanse… but I’m temped to try one! Is it good for weight loss? Do you lack energy?

    • They don’t usually recommend you do it for weight loss, but yes, you will lose weight. My initial cleanse was really a reset / jump start to my weight loss. I did it with my friend who was getting married + bf at the time, so it was nice to have support for the first one . I saw result fast, and I was eager to keep healthy and keep seeing results. Since then I’ve usually had breakfast smoothies followed by a mixture of salads, veg and protein and only have carbs once a day.

      • Belle

        Fascinating. I’m going to give it a try 🙂

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