Weekend Journal | Nº1

ETSY Basket
HOMESENSE striped blanket
CRATE & BARREL wooden plates.

This weekend we headed to Spanish Banks in Vancouver. The weather was so lovely and warm, but the sand (by the water) was like mud! After being in Mexico and living on the Isle of Wight in the South of England  I was spoiled by sandy beaches, nevertheless, it was pretty nice and relaxing after feeling homesick the day before.

Before getting to the beach, we picked up Tractor Foods Salads and I bought some berries from my local Nesters Market. If it was a cooler park day I would have bought some wine / cheeses but it was too hot for that.

I was also very lucky to eavesdrop on a conversation about marriage; an older lady formulating a plan on marrying someone. If you want the details, then she wants to marry someone she ‘likes’ and wants to start playing golf because “that’s where the rich guys are”… Yes.. I was dropping eaves! hehe! I didn’t have a junky magazine so this was the next best thing! It got way juicer, but I don’t think that’s blog appropriate!

After the beach we met up with a group of friends for the Baseball game, to me this is such a North America pastime, and I was thrilled to be involved. It felt like I was living in an 90′ movie like Sandlot or Never Been Kissed. I also indulged in a cheeky hotdog to complete my Baseball going experience. I think the only thing that was missing was a Baseball cap!

Sunday was a bit more relaxed, I went to my very first Bridal Shower which was fun, played some games like ‘pop your cherry’ which is essentially racing to pop a ballon in-between your legs and a Bridal version of pass the parcel, where the maid of honour tells a story including the words ‘left’ and ‘right’ which changes the direction of which way you’re passing the parcel / gift around. I’m very happy to say I won (I don’t usually win these types of things) but I went home with a very exciting tea kettle. British girl + kettle… ironic?

Now I am ending the weekend by typing this out on my sofa, with my OPI Strawberry Margarita nail drying.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend? What did you guys get up to?

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