The Rug Hunt

I started off with the West Elm inspired fluffy rug which was lovely and made my apartment look so cosy. After living with it for 6 months I realised it wasn’t practical because the only place I have to eat is around my coffee table and I’m always so afraid of getting the white fluffy rug dirty. Recently, I’ve really been loving the look of the Persian rugs and I love the different colors they can bring to a room – not necessarily liking their price tags. I found a few websites which did them for a more reasonable price. I’m also planning on finding somewhere in Vancouver that sells them so I can see them up close. Anyways, here are the styles I’ve been loving.

Favorite Rug Stores:
You really need to be on it when it comes to buying a rug from these sites because they just go so fast, which is why I’m going to look around Vancouver first.


Loom + Kiln

Frances Loom
B&E Home Co
Old New House


Wish me luck! x

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