What to wear to a BBQ

This coming weekend will be a long one for Canadians celebrating Canada Day. I’m not exactly sure what I did last year, but this year I know there will be some Lakeside BBQ activities, and I think a lot of people celebrating July 4th will be doing the same too!

If you’re venturing out this weekend, then here are a few items I’ve picked that could be great for a summer filled weekend!

01. JANESSA LEONE Klint Hat 02. FARROW Striped Wrap Dress  03. FARROW Myrna Romper 04. GORJANA Chloe Necklace 05.HM Denim Skirt 06. FARIS Sigge Ring 07. ABACA Ticao Bag 08. J.HANNAH Saltillo Nail Polish 09. CASTANER Espadrilles

What are your plans for Canada Day, July 4th or both?


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