May Goals

I really lost touch of myself at the end of my work project and I think when you have so much going on it’s hard to think about anything else. I was hardly seeing my friends and didn’t get much time to talk to my family. As a result I took some time off of work and I think it’s the best thing I’ve done for myself. If you’re in a simiar position, make sure you take some time to focus on yourself and realign with your dreams. Are you on track with where you want to be? What were your new years resolutions.. have you achieved them?

Goal – Create a physical, visible milestone list 

Again, since we’re coming up to the mid-way point of the year, my initial goal was to read 12 books. I have so far read 0.5! This is pretty terrible considering I have a Kindle and have a whole internet of books to read!
I certainly need to correct this!

Goal – Finish reading book 1 of 12 and start 2 of 12

Get in Shape
This one has been on my list forever, but as my Birthday is approaching – I said to myself that I wanted to be a certain weight for that date. I’ve had a number stuck in my head for such a long time that I forgot about how I look – all I cared about is what the scale said. But, lets not forget, muscle weights more than fat. If I am toning and doing burpees, squats and push ups everyday –  I am building muscle. So, chuck away those scales, and start taking progress pictures as your measurement, or better yet, aim to fit into a certain dress size.

Goal – Stay consistent and eat healthy

Etsy Shop
Initially I wanted to make cushions and sell them but I never got around to it with my work project taking up so much of my time. It wasn’t until I started making quotes on my Instagram that I realized I could upload of few of them there and sell them. I really love buying from Etsy, because it a weird way it’s giving back to the community.

Goal – Upload Summer Poster Collection 

Studio Makeover
I still have a few more things I want to get for my Studio which requires a trip to IKEA and a few DIY hacks, but overall pretty happy with the transformation so far.

Goal – Complete Studio

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