June Goals

In May I talked about focusing on myself a bit more, so I’m going to be taking up Yoga this month for relaxation, in addition to using my Headspace App for meditation. I’ve listed all of my goals in my Studio so they’re very clear and visible to me. I have also decided to start taking multivitamins!

I am trying to keep up with my reading, so reading will be staying in my June Goals. I feel like when I commit to posting my goals it holds me accountable to actually achieving them. If you haven’t seen my Summer 2017 reading list then please feel  free to check it out here

Rebranding + Etsy Shop
I still haven’t uploaded my Summer Poster Collection, so that’s still a target for me and I would like to do a bit of re-branding to bring all of my social media accounts inline.


Studio, Living Room + Bedroom Makeover
Last month I talked about completing my Studio and admittedly it’s still a work in progress. As I don’t want to loose momentum I am also going to aim to update my living room and bedroom this month. Since I do like my apartment to be quite minimal I will probably sell / swap / replace a few pieces. I like to think of this as recycling. My budget is quite small so it’ll force me to be inventive!

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